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What To Check When Buying A Used Galaxy S5

If you are interested in buying used phones there are several factors that should be taken into account before purchase. Various cell phone models of more popular brands like iphone and Samsung are highly sought after and these brands should be carefully scrutinized for good reason. In this article, we will discuss what to consider in your hunt to buy used Samsung Galaxy S5G900A cell phone. We will start with those ones that are obvious and then move on to those most folks do not know.

Is it In Good Condition?

You log on to web and search “buy used Galaxy S5 cell phone“, the first thing you should learn about is the condition of the phone. Closely observe photos by looking for defects and carefully read descriptions.

Can it Pass the LCD Test?

Before endorsing your used Galaxy S5 cell phone, ensure that you go to the phone dialer and perform a LCD test. Dial *#0*# and literally test each phone function offered on the LCD menu. It will allow you to test the actual performance of the color resolution, to the quality of the phone receiver, the quality in sensitivity of the touch screen using TSP Hovering and much more.

Is the Charging Port Any Good?

The port should be firmly placed. This means it should not be loose, rattle or seem out of place. Plug the charger into the charging port. It should give off an instantaneous charge to the cell phone.

How legit is it?

No one wants to Buy Used Galaxy S5 that is lost or stolen phone. Run an online check on the IMEI number to quickly clear the device of any suspicion. To get the IMEI number you can easily dial *#06#. Another thing no one wants is to buy used Galaxy S5 and learn it is a legitimate fake. Variations in the construction of the phone such as the quality of the touch screen, alternate icons and fonts, low pixel cameras are some fast clues for spotting a fake buy used Galaxy S5 cell phone. It is a good idea to browse an authentic Galaxy S5 in store at an official carrier first to familiarize oneself with the layout, features and functionality.

Does it have water damage?

This requires a battery pull to check all sensors and stickers inside the phone itself and on the actual battery. Any traces of pink found are surefire clues that your Galaxy S5 has some water damage.

Does it have strong processor capabilities?

Dig deeper by exploring the CPU capabilities of the phone. Look for the RAM, storage, and memory. Third party apps can be used to find optimal level of CPU information. However, a quick check in the Galaxy S5 phone settings under developer options is sufficient.

Complete the most thorough checks first, then confirm the most popular features like Wi-Fi, Data and Bluetooth actually work. Consider your buy used Samsung Galaxy S5G900A cell phone a great choice once these features are in working order.