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Five Things You Most Likely Didn't Know About Lightning Cables

While technology continues to advance, newer, upgraded models of mobile phones are released almost annually. This usually means new apps to download and upgrades to follow. While these advancements are a blessing, they can also be frustrating as they all have batteries needing to be charged by cords that are either missing or outdated. Mobile phones and their charging cords have been the thorn in every device’s owner side for all time due to their ability to become frayed, lost, or even stolen. The chief complaint is the inability to find which of the many cables out there will fit your specific device. Fortunately, lightning cables came to the rescue for newer Apple devices.

Here are 5 things you likely did not know about lightning cables:

1. No more flipping around

We have all woken up with our devices next to us and not on the charger. We can all remember the annoyance of flipping your charger around to make sure it fit in the port correctly. Not anymore with a lightning cable. With a lightning cable, you can flip it around a million times and it will fit into your device’s port no matter which side is up or down.

2. Fit with any adapter

Lightning cables are meant to be more compact than its predecessor. If you have an older device’s more bulky cable, you can purchase an adapter that will turn your cable into the best lightning cable at a fraction of the cost compared to purchasing an entire new cable.

3. Brand value

If you attempt to Buy Lightning Cable Online, be sure you are getting the best lightning cable for the price. Read the reviews before you buy lightning cable online because some are made cheaply and do not properly function as a replacement cable, and some cables will only work for one particular device.

4. Review which cables fits your device

Not all lightning cables are created equal. Some lightning cables will not work well with your device, the USB power adapter, or your computer. Some lightning adapters may have one function only, either to charge or to sync. Be sure to read about that particular cable's purpose before you purchase it. If you lose your USB power adapter, you can plug your lightning cable into a computer’s USB port to charge your device. Additionally, this is a way to sync your device to your computer should you need to backup your device and then replace it with a newer device. This way, you can retrieve all your saved data from your computer for your new device.

5. Use with multiple devices

Lightning cables can also work with more than merely your mobile phone. Some lightning cables can be used for your tablet or laptop, thus giving the lightning cables dual purposes that will save you money in the long run.


Whichever device and lightning cable you choose, thoroughly searching for and finding the best lighting cable possible for the money will ensure that your device stays fully charged, synced, and ready for you to take on the world with your device every single day.