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Everything You Need To Be Acquainted With Before Buying A Used Cell Phone

One of the reasons why you’d want to buy a used cell phone is to save on cost. But buying a used cell phone doesn’t mean you can’t be choosy or demanding and have to settle with what you are getting. You can be specific when it comes to the gadget’s performance, physical appearance, its technical specifications so you end up with the best performance used smartphone at a lower price. Below is a list of all you need to know to get a fair deal.

Find out if the phone is stole

Trust us, you or nobody wants the authorities to come knocking on their door because you bought a stolen phone. Conduct some due diligence before you finalize the purchase. No matter what kind of a smartphone you are getting, always ask the person selling it to give you the IMEI, ESN or MEID. With those numbers, you can utilize the many online tools to check if the phone is legit.

Think critically about where to buy from

Although some people prefer buying their merchandise online, others prefer a one on one transaction and each has its own considerations. When it comes to buying electronic gadgets, buying in person is more appropriate because you can efficiently and thoroughly inspect the phone. This way, you are guaranteed to get the best used smartphone.

When buying a new phone, an online retailer seems to be a safe and legit option, provided you verify the same. But to get the Best Performance Used Smartphone, it’s always a good idea to meet in person. What you can do to be on a safer side is engage a seller from an online social network and arrange for a meeting with them. Purchasing from eBay or craigslist is not without its troubles of getting you conned. But the best part is eBay has a money back guarantee and so does PayPal through its purchase protection policy. If you must buy online, you are urged to use only these two options.

Be conversant with the signs of severe physical damage

While a scratched or cracked screen may be a deal breaker, a phone that has previously been damaged by water or some fluid is even more dangerous. Give a thorough look at all the ports for any rusty signs. Open the back cover to see if the stickers on the battery are discolored. If it has such signs, it is probably wise for you to keep off. Too much damage may lead to sudden failure of the phone leaving you stranded and probably feeling cheated. If you are looking to buy used android smartphone, it’s better to take your time while inspecting the phone than to crib later.

Check if the phone is locked or unlocked - tips

Many prefer buying a phone that is unlocked due to the apparent flexibility of carriers. An unlocked phone will be slightly more expensive than a locked phone. So if you are looking for an unlocked phone, here’s a tip: Insert your SIM card and try sending a text message or browsing. If your SIM card is not from the same carrier as the phone, you shall know instantly. But the good news for those on a budget is that, yes unlocking a SIM card is possible. So save some bucks, buy the locked phone at a lower price and unlock later.

Don’t settle on buying a used android smartphone at a price almost as much as the new one. This will be an extravagant decision because used phones do not have a warranty and even if they do, it is short-term. So do your research on the price beforehand and hey, to know more, Contact Us here anytime!