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Buying A Screen Protector For iPhone 6s Plus? Here’s What You Need To Know

A screen protector is a good idea for almost any phone. The iPhone 6S plus is just a bit bigger than the previous versions. Many screen protectors are marked for the iPhone 6 and others for the iPhone 6 and 6S. It is extremely important to find a screensaver specifically marked for the 6S plus to ensure a proper fit and seal. Any screen protector made for the iPhone 6S will not properly fit the iPhone 6S plus. The names are similar but these are two different models.

3D Touch

The 6S Plus Screen Protector must be able to work with the 3D touch feature on the phone. This feature is important for anyone wanting to access the compatible apps or the Quick Action menu. The faceplates, film and glass protector for iPhone 6S Plus all work with the 3D touch. It is important to note some of the cases will interfere with this feature.

The Tech Armor High Definition

This is an Apple HD-clear, high definition screen saver and the best screen protector for iPhone 6S plus. This is available in a 4.7 inch size for the iPhone and iPhone 6S plus. For families with multiple phones it can be purchased in a pack of 3 for additional savings. This screen protector will prevent scratches to the screen without ruining the clarity or sharpness.

The ScreenForce

The ScreenForce can also be considered the Best Screen Protector For iPhone 6S Plus. This product is constructed of tempered glass and is as hard as steel. This glass protector for iPhone 6S plus has triple the strength of plastic. The integrity of the iPhone screen is maintained, the glide is smooth, and the clarity, sharpness and brightness are unaffected by the screen protector. The installation process is simple, and maximum protection is provided from edge to edge. The phone is protected from scuffs, scratches, impacts and drops.

The Generic Screen Protectors

Extra care should be taken before purchasing a generic screen saver for the iPhone 6s plus. Many of these models are made with materials of inferior quality. This can dim the vibrancy of the screen. In some instances the material does not provide a high enough level of protection and the screen is at a risk for scratches or damage from an impact. It is a good idea to read the reviews for any generic screensaver prior to making the purchase.

The Built In Protection of the iPhone 6S Plus

The iPhone 6S Plus has been manufactured with additional protection for the screen and is already resistant to scratches. Some individuals are harder on their phones than others. These are the people that will benefit the most from a screen protector. Plastic films should be avoided because they offer less protection than what comes standard with the phone. A tempered glass screen protector is a good choice. It is simpler to install and much sturdier than the thinner plastics. They are made from glass and will add extra protection.