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7 Things To Check And Verify Before Buying A Used iPhone 5C

More and more Android users are thinking about checking out the iPhone. However, the prices for the newer models seem out of their budget. However, deciding to purchase an older model iPhone is a great alternative. For example, Buy Used Apple 5C Online, this model is much more affordable than the newer versions of the iPhone. Still, it is important to use due caution. There are some very shady characters out there that might sell you a used or a refurbished model with major issues. The market for a used iPhone is enormous. Here are tips on how to Buy Used iPhone 5C.

Verify Phone Is Not Stolen

If you run across a deal that seems too good to be true. Stop, and think for a second. That iPhone might have been stolen. The real owner of the iPhone could easily disable your new purchase and make it completely useless to you. Check the IMEI or phone settings of the iPhone. There are sources that will let you know if the phone has been blocked by the owner or reported stolen.

Verify That The IMEI Numbers Match

By now you should realize that the IMEI numbers are unique to the phone. Every phone has their own IMEI numbers making it easy to verify if the body of the phone was changed. Often, a reseller will switch out the body and replace a badly damaged phone with the new body. Once again, check the number on the body of the iPhone and check the IMEI number located on the phones display. They should match.

Check Activation Status

Before you Buy Used Apple 5C Online, make sure that it is possible to activate the model with your network. Check the International Mobile Equipment Identity Number with your carrier or an online IMEI number checking website. If the phone has been reported lost or stolen, it might not work with your carrier or network.

Activation Lock

If you discover that you have major problems setting up your ID on the phone or creating a new password, it could be a stolen model. Consequently, the phone is totally worthless to you.

Battery Status

The worst thing that you could do is Buy Used iPhone 5C with a worthless battery. Therefore, it is important to realize that the battery might have issues and not hold a charge. Perhaps, the iPhone 5C price is a good bargain, but you must also consider the price for a new battery. Is it still a great bargain, after adding in the price for a new battery?

Check Data Security

Check the iPhone for any information that might remain about the former owner. Reset the iPhone to factory settings or complete erase the information to make sure that you are the only one linked to the phone.

Is It Legit Or Real iPhone

The final step to take before purchasing a used iPhone is to verify the status of the iPhone on the Apple website or determine if it is a real iPhone. The Apple site will supply a web-page that lets you check the serial number on the iPhone to determine legitimacy.