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7 Checks To Perform Before Buying A Used iPhone 6

Most people prefer buying used mobile phones because they are cheap. However, you must take extreme caution when purchasing these phones so as not to become a victim of fraud. It is likely that you may buy a device that is not in perfect working condition or is a stolen one. The chances are that the seller is disposing off the phone because it has some complications. Below are seven things you should do first before buying a used iPhone 6s.

Verify the IMEI Number

An iPhone may have a changed body to make it appear shiny and new. Therefore, you need to check the IMEI number on the back of the phone and then compare it with the one in the OS of the phone. To find the one on the inside, go to Settings, select General then select About, and you can see the IMEI number.

Check to Confirm the iPhone is not Fake

There are plenty of fake iPhones in the market, and unless you know exactly how to differentiate a fake from the original ones, you may easily buy a fake one. Check if the phone is running on the iOS and not any other software. Also, check the weight of the phone to determine its possibility to be a fake.

Check the 3D Touch Feature

Apple iPhone 6 models have a distinctive hi-tech feature known as the 3D Touch. This modification allows you to tap or touch the screen in different ways when you want to perform various actions. If this works correctly, then the iPhone is possibly not fake, and is in perfect working condition.

Check if the Used iPhone 6 is Water Damaged

Since Apple iPhones are not waterproof, it is advisable that you first check if the Used iPhone 6s you are buying is not water damaged. An original and excellent condition used Used Apple iphone 6 will have a liquid Contact Indicator in the SIM tray. The indicator turns red when it detects contact with a liquid.

Check all Other Features

Confirm that all the other features of the phone are working correctly. Try taking pictures and recording videos to check the camera, try making a call, try its connectivity via earphones, GPS and Bluetooth. Also, check network and internet connectivity. Check if the phone is charging and its battery life.

Check Activation Lock Status

A Used Apple iPhone 6 may not work if the previous user linked with his Apple ID and turned on the Find my iPhone feature. To avoid this, you should turn off the feature when the phone is still working, so that you can be able to login a different user.

Erase Previous User’s Data

After logging off the previous user, it is also wise to remove any personal data belonging to the former user. Go to Settings, select General, then Reset and you click on Erase All Content.

To save yourself from frustrations and falling victim to a scam, take enough time and check all details mentioned above. Shop for a phone from a trusted and verified seller only, preferably someone close to you or recommended by your friends.