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3 Things To Look For When Buying A USB Car Charger

Despite the advances in technology, when you buy universal car charger your device will still require regular charging. There is simply no device on the market capable of surviving a long trip on the road or steady commutes to and from work without being charged. This is why a reliable USB car charger is so important. It will easily handle all your constant needs for power. Without a good charger your device will not work when you need it the most. There are a lot of different types of USB chargers available. The market is filled with chargers offering a wide variety of features. There are three features that are extremely important to ensure the USB charger is suitable for the needs of the individual. These qualifications are described below.

The High Amp Output

Each USB port on a good charger will provide a minimum of 2.1 Amps or 2100 mA. Multiple USB ports were created to enable the user to charge iPads and Android tablets at the optimal speed. A smartphone only needs 1.0 Amps or 1000mA to receive a proper charge. Anyone interested in purchasing a universal USB car charger needs to purchase a 4.8A USB car charger. This means each USB port must provide a charge of 2.4 Amps. This charge is more than enough to charge two Android tablets or iPads at the same time. If the user does not own either of these devices and is only interested in charging a smartphone the Amp's can be lower. If the user chooses to Buy Universal Car Charger with less than 2.1 Amps for each port it will charge two smart phones quite well. The problem is if the user purchases an iPad or Android device later on the USB charger will not be sufficient for charging two simultaneously.

The Multiple USB Ports

When an individual owns multiple devices a USB car charger with only one port may inevitably prove to be a major issue. It can be difficult and frustrating to remember to constantly switch the devices. If the user forgets one of the devices will no longer work. When the USB charger has multiple ports these issues are eliminated and the user saves a lot of time. Multiple ports also prevent the aggravation of accidentally hanging up on a caller because the battery in the device no longer has a charge. Multiple ports are also extremely beneficial if there are several people in the vehicle. Everyone has the opportunity to charge their USB devices during the trip.

The Charging Cable

Most people have realized cables usually fail eventually. The best possible car charger does not have the cable permanently attached. This provides both convenience and flexibility. When the cable is permanently attached to the car charger the user is at a disadvantage. When the cable fails the only option is to purchase a new car charger. When the charger is not attached the user can simply replace the cable and save money.


When buying a USB charger, it is essential that you make the right decision by picking a product that is from a well regarded brand, offers you multiple ports and has a flexible cable that can be plugged in and out as per convenience.