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11 Things You Need To Know Before Buying iPhone’s USB Cables

We all love the enjoyment that comes with scrolling through our favorite social media feed or staying in touch with friends via text message. Unfortunately, your iPhone won’t stay powered on forever. Its battery does require a charge from time to time. For your iPhone to work at its peak performance, it should be plugged into the proper charger. If you are planning to buy an iPhone USB cable, it is important to keep these 11 tips in mind.

1)  Knockoff Brands Mean Broken Cables

It is important to note that most knock off brand iPhone cables break apart or flat out stop working after just a few weeks. It can be beneficial to purchase a knockoff brand, but when it comes to charging your iPhone it pays off to stick with well-known manufacturers.

2)  Buy the Right Length

When purchasing an Apple iPhone charger cable you should always double check how long the charger you are buying is. Made in numerous lengths, there is an iPhone cable out there to suit everyone’s unique needs.

3)  Nylon Braided Cables

If your iPhone cable tends to rip apart, you’re in luck. Thankfully there are companies out there that manufacture iPhone cables protected by nylon braids. These braids act as a layer of defense against anything that may try to bend or cut through your wire. Paying a few dollars more for a wire like these is definitely worth it.

4)  iPhone Compatibility

With a new device released each year, you should keep in mind as to which model iPhone you have. Considering there are a few different types of chargers on the market for the various different iPhones, you want to make sure you get the right one.

5)  Wall or Car Charger?

iPhone chargers are sold for use in your car and in your outlets at home. Some wires come connected to their power adapters and cannot be changed.

6)  Waterproof Options

If you are constantly outdoors your USB cable has the chance of being damaged by water. When you Buy iPhone USB Cable for your next campout, be sure to get one that’s waterproof.

7)  Location of Manufacture

If you prefer to buy products made in Europe only you’ll still be able to find an iPhone cable manufactured in your favorite country. Trusted manufacturers around the world make it easy to find the right Apple iPhone charger cable.

8)  Find it in the Dark

Many manufacturers also make iPhone cables that are glow in the dark or physically light up when actively charging. This makes them easy to find at night!

9)  Easy Clean-Up

Ever wish your iPhone wire could just curl itself up and fit in your pocket? Well, your wish is a reality thanks to products like retractable iPhone chargers like this one.

10)  Magnetic Security

If your charger is constantly falling out of your phone, your problem has been solved. Some chargers use magnets to ensure the wire never pops out of the phone. The best part I the magnets have no effect on your wireless service!

11)  Personalization

After all of the technical talk, it is crucial to make sure that when you buy an iPhone USB cable it comes in the right color/design. There are infinite possibilities when it comes to the look of your iPhone cable. Make sure you get just the right one!